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Telecom expense management (TEM) focuses on reducing expenses associated with telecommunications fees. Telecommunication expenses are any costs associated with mobile devices, television, internet services and cable.  TEM companies can save you and your business time and money. However, choosing a provider can be a daunting process. Read on to discover the different types of TEM...
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woman with headset learning how to maximize ROI with telecom expense management
Telecommunications is a vital part of a successful business, helping connect suppliers, employees and clients. To get the most value from your company’s investment, you need telecom expense management (TEM) practices that fit your unique requirements and business goals. Evaluating the effectiveness and returns of your current TEM can help you optimize future strategies and...
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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every industry. Now, more than ever, streamlining your communication with a remote workforce is paramount to your company’s success. As we continue seeing the effect of COVID-19 on telecommunication services, keeping your workforce in touch while maintaining deadlines, workflows and productivity is the secret to success.  You’ve likely implemented...
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a power tower with the text tips for reducing telecom expenses
Whether you are involved in the manufacturing or financial industry, your business likely spends a significant portion on telecom-related expenses. This involves everything from required software to provider fees.  Because of how detailed and in-depth most telecom billing and cost management can be, it’s often difficult for businesses to track details like their services, usage and costs...
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Nothing will propel an initiative faster from concept to approval than a compelling Return on Investment (ROI). ROI helps prioritize initiatives and supporting resources. It is common for ROI to be the primary measure of success (or failure) for a project.
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To achieve success, you have to define success. In the discipline of telecom expense management, success is not universally defined. As a result, many organizations find resources over-burdened and solutions underperforming. Yet, their provider assures them that the “solution” delivered is not only working, but working flawlessly.  How could this be?
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a person writing on a data charts with information about telecom cost reduction
Imagine you have identified a few areas needing improvement. A budget needs to be reduced. Or a project needs attention from a resource overwhelmed with administrative tasks. Sometimes recognizing pain points is the easy part. Now how do you decide where to begin? Audit or TEM?
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