Telecom Baseline Audit and Optimization

A Critical Assessment for Telecom Optimization within Organizations
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A baseline audit allow CMG to effectively understand workflow and provide accurate telecom lifecycle recommendations to provide telecom cost reduction.

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Before implementing an effective life cycle management strategy, performing an accurate baseline telecom cost audit of your company’s telecom bills and expenses is vital. A detailed telecom audit involves a comprehensive study of an organization’s existing services and workflow. Reducing current telecom expenditures and optimizing future spending requires careful analysis of invoices, contracts, taxes, volume and other factors. This baseline audit helps with cost reduction, cost management, and can reduce overall telecom expenses.

At Cost Management Group (CMG), we will analyze your audit results to determine the potential to eliminate unwanted or unneeded items or services. The audit provides a detailed view of your entire telecom system, creating complete visibility of all your monthly telecommunication expenditures. This data allows you to make the best possible decisions for your equipment and services moving forward.

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Telecom Expense Optimization

Upon completion of the auditing process, CMG will provide telecom optimization recommendations for short- and long-term spending plans. With your approval, we’ll also help implement those strategies. Our baseline audit and optimization phase concentrates on these three areas:

Inventory Baseline

Information technology personnel face challenges with managing telephones, circuits, service details, vendors, budgets and contracts involving telecom. CMG can identify vulnerable areas to help improve the management process while reducing wasteful spending.

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Expense Baseline

The expense baseline is a deep analysis of charges by invoice, vendor, service type, location and cost center. This process complements the inventory baseline. After we analyze both baselines, we compare this data against all existing contracts to ensure rate accuracy.

Process Audit and Optimization

CMG will meet with all your department heads associated with telecom to determine the current state of expenditures while devising a plan for future procedures and processes based on your organization’s needs. We seek to add automation, eliminate manual work errors, outsource repetitive administrative duties, add control standardization and measures, streamline processes for efficiency and create visibility for stakeholders.

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Telecom Cost Audit Solutions

As an added service to the expense baseline phase, CMG will conduct dispute and recovery functions directly with vendors or carriers on your behalf. We’ll handle all the difficult conversations and exchanges, allowing you to focus on your business’s core operations.

For those businesses uncertain about committing to the entire telecom life cycle management program, CMG offers an audit-only engagement to provide a detailed overview ahead of the implementation process.

Other benefits of our expense audit and optimization solutions are:
Custom managed services: We avoid standardized strategies. We’ll implement an audit tailored to your organization’s unique operations and functions.
Return on investment guarantee: By offering a risk-free commitment, we’ll show you exactly how the costs of our program will produce results.
Program awareness: Upon implementation of the new processes and procedures, we’ll work with key department heads and personnel to ensure the promotion and achievement of success.

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CMG works with small- to large-scale enterprise businesses in many industries to effectively manage their critical telecommunication areas. Since 1998, we have established ourselves as a telecom expense management leader with a proven track record of saving valuable time and money for the organizations we serve. For more information about how we can help you with your telecommunication lifecycle management, contact us today.