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Meet our leadership team and learn more about the tenured industry experts at Cost Management Group that work to bring down your business's telecom expenses.

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Steve Gareleck

Chairman of the Board

Steve Gareleck is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Cost Management Group (CMG), a TEM and Cloud/Contact Center Services company that aims to bring together supplier benchmarking data, proven problem-solving methodologies, and deep experience to achieve bottom-line results.

Steve started his career on Wall Street after receiving his MBA from the University of Rochester’s Simon School. In his experience, he worked on deals such as the $20 billion RJR Nabisco privatization, and the National Enquirer/Star Magazine merger. He then moved to Atlanta, GA and started CMG (formerly Partnertel).

Marshall Hughes


Marshall Hughes serves as the President of CMG. Since launch, he has been actively involved in the design and system enhancements to both CMG’s agent and customer extranets as well as ongoing customization and integration with client systems. Marshall has grown with CMG and its predecessor companies since 1998, now responsible for driving the overall strategy and growth of the business.

Chad Fisher

Vice President, Partner Sales

Chad Fisher joined CMG in April of 2000 and holds responsibility for managing all aspects of CMG’s Partner Sales efforts including sales, recruiting, marketing, and product and service training. After graduating from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Business Administration in 1999, Chad joined CMG in a direct sales position and advanced quickly through various sales roles in the organization. He has served as a project manager and sales support for CMG’s largest clients. Chad has been actively engaged in growing CMG’s strategic partnerships, focusing on the continued development and success of CMG’s sales partners.

Shawn Taylor

Chief Information Officer

Shawn Taylor serves as the Chief Information Officer of Cost Management Group. He is a seasoned technology leader with 25 years of experience in IT, specializing in quality-driven solutions and exceptional customer experiences. Shawn is responsible for developing and implementing organization’s IT systems and resources. He is highly effective in fostering business partnerships with cross-functional global operating groups and strategic external partners, driving collaborative success for CMG’s partners.

Rob Celona

Director, IT Services

Rob Celona joined CMG in 1999 and is responsible for the PBX division of the company. He graduated from University of Richmond in 1991 and received an MBA in General Management from Richmond University in London in 1998. Prior to joining CMG, Mr. Celona worked with TIE Communications in London – a PBX manufacturer – for over six years in sales, project management and operations management. Mr. Celona focuses on CMG’s IT Services offerings including cloud, professional services, managed networks, and integrated services.

Ana Elizondo

Director, Operations

Ana Elizondo serves as the Director of Operations at CMG. She and her teams are responsible for managing all client’s telecom expenses, service delivery, reporting, processing and payment across the Itemize platform and beyond. From implementation to managed services, Ana and her teams free CMG’s clients of the day-to-day burdens of managing telecom bills, identifying and errors and savings opportunities, implementing solutions, and tracking through reporting all successful reductions in monthly spending.