A Critical Assessment for Telecom Optimization within Organizations
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Telecom is vital to the safety and health of patients in the healthcare industry. Our TEM services focus on lowering expenses and boosting reliability.

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Healthcare Telecom Management

Telecommunications is vital to the safety and health of patients in the healthcare industry. That’s why Cost Management Group (CMG) offers telecom management solutions focused on lowering expenses and boosting reliability to protect lives and the bottom line. 

A comprehensive healthcare telecom management partner like CMG can help your healthcare team manage expenses and focus on patient care. Telecom management from CMG lets you accomplish business goals and provide quality care to your patients. 

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How Telecommunication Affects the Healthcare Industry

The quality of medical care is evolving faster than ever before, which has increased the cost of technology in healthcare. The rise of cybercrime and strict federal privacy laws to protect patient information has elevated the complexity of telecoms, especially on mobile devices. Doctors and nurse practitioners have also become more accessible to patients than ever with remote telehealth appointments. 

The right telecom solution can give your organization peace of mind so that you never miss the line of communication when you need it the most.

How to Manage Your Healthcare Telecommunication Costs

You can gain control of your telecom costs by recording all of your expenses and then looking for places to reduce wasted funds. This process requires complex reporting and the ability to transform old processes into new, cost-effective steps. 

One of the key ways to lower costs in a healthcare setting is to catch inventory and budgeting mistakes. When the chaos of endless bills ensues, it is easy to pay excess costs accidentally. Several key areas of telecom management can improve healthcare, such as: 

  • Inventory reporting: It is always important to make sure you are not paying extra fees for power or out-of-service devices. For example, CMG telecommunication expense management (TEM) software can tell when a circuit is no longer in use and notify you that a device is ready for recycling. 
  • Inventory management: CMG has real-time inventory tracking technology so that you always know the lines of communication are open. We review your line invoicing to make sure you don’t overpay, check every line on your invoice and compare it to local standard prices for voice services and circuit prices and much more. If there’s an error or area to save, we’ll find it for you. 
  • Mobile devices: CMG can help you manage corporate and bring your own device (BYOD) policies with security in mind. That way, employees can have a sense of individuality with their devices while you have security. 
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Finance and Banking Telecommunication Solutions

Want to learn more about the future of telecommunications in healthcare? Reach out to CMG to find an innovative solution that will custom fit your industry. We happily answer any questions you have about partnering with our team.

You can call us at 800.599.9315 to speak with a team member or fill out our quick contact form to get in touch today.

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CMG works with small- to large-scale enterprise businesses in many industries to effectively manage their critical telecommunication areas. Since 1998, we have established ourselves as a telecom expense management leader with a proven track record of saving valuable time and money for the organizations we serve. For more information about how we can help you with your telecommunication lifecycle management, contact us today.