A Critical Assessment for Telecom Optimization within Organizations
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Focus on growing your bottom line by cutting back on telecom expenses. Partner with CMG for streamlined telecom expense management for the financial industry.

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Telecommunication Management For BFSI

Cost Management Group (CMG) revolutionizes telecom savings and efficiency for the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) industries. We are a comprehensive partner that walks beside you throughout the entire financial services lifecycle. Our team watches over your telecoms budget and documents trends in comprehensive reports. Then, we identify your pain points to fix them and save you money.

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How Telecommunications Has Affected The BFSI Industry

The rise of 21st-century telecom technology has radically transformed each area of the financial sector. Banks can have virtual business meetings for shareholders from any distance. A broker standing outside the trading floor of Wall Street can meet with an investor over a video conference to discuss a deal. An insurance agent can adjust claims in the field in seconds on a tablet or smartphone.

These rising technologies can become expensive, yet they can serve as money-saving tools with the right strategy.

The Importance of Well-Managed Telecommunication Expenses

The financial sector is famous for managing massive budgets to leverage profits for clients. It’s time for industry leaders to focus on growing the bottom line by cutting back on telecom expenses with the expert insight of partners like CMG.

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Streamline Workflow

CMG can help you eliminate time-consuming, costly work tasks with new procedures and technology to transform how your business approaches telecom management.

We have multiple  examples of how we can help streamline your processes, including:

  • Metrics: CMG can help your company monitor and benchmark expenses. For example, banks can track branch expenses and insurance clients can track costs for supporting claim adjuster mobile devices.
  • Information technology (IT): You can boost your IT department with CMG by reducing negotiation time with telephone carriers, identifying software that wastes money and more. An example would include implementing technology expense management (TEM) for banking to balance expenses and performance across voice, video, and messaging services.

Reduce Expenses

CMG will partner with you to revisit new strategic methods and reduce your telecom costs. We can improve your budget while maintaining your quality standards through the following:

  • Accounting: CMG will guide you through maximizing efficiency and minimizing expenses by automating invoice allocation, reducing or removing the need for coding, and more. As one example, CMG could help an insurance company with assets tracked separately in thousands of Microsoft Excel sheets to centralize their documentation in one portal.
  • Analytics: We will work with your team to create benchmarks, offer rate assurance, and more. For instance, CMG could help your company lock in the cost for your telephone and video conferencing with rate assurance.
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Finance and Banking Telecommunication Solutions

Interested in learning more about telecom management for BFSI? CMG would love to connect with you and tell you more about telecom for financial services. 

Give us a call at 800.599.9315 or send us a message on our quick and convenient contact form today.

Contact Cost Management Group Today

CMG works with small- to large-scale enterprise businesses in many industries to effectively manage their critical telecommunication areas. Since 1998, we have established ourselves as a telecom expense management leader with a proven track record of saving valuable time and money for the organizations we serve. For more information about how we can help you with your telecommunication lifecycle management, contact us today.